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vSphere Data Protection Administration Guide. 6. VMware, Inc. Disk Expansion with Essentials Plus 101. 11 Using VDP 103. Accessing VDP 104. Accessing the
6 Jul 2016 Step by Step Installation and Configuration Guide for vSphere Data Protection(VDP) Backup and Recovery Solution.
5 Dec 2012
vSphere Data Protection Administration Guide. 4. VMware, Inc. 4. Supported Upgrade Paths 38. Creating a Snapshot of the VDP Appliance 39. Mounting the
To resolve this issue, free up some space on the VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) dedupe store. Automatic integrity checks or scheduled backups do not start in vSphere Data Protection (2041117) Scheduled backups in vSphere Data Protection (VDP) do not run at the selected time
6.1.2 Release Notes · 6.1.1 Release Notes · 6.1 Release Notes. vSphere Data Protection Product Documentation. vSphere Data Protection Administration Guide
Adding an External Proxy in the VDP Configure UI. vSphere Data Protection application agents are downloaded using vSphere Web Client and are installed in
1 Dec 2016 of vSphere Data Protection (VDP) 6.1.3; a vSphere integrated backup and Download the VMware vSphere Data Protection OVA here.
11 Jan 2016 The 6.1 release of VDP has many improvements for providing backup and of this article, but the VMware documentation has a simple walk-through. . Either start the job manually or wait for the first scheduled job to run.
Check the current VDP status by running this command: status.dpn. You see output similar to: Last checkpoint: cp.20130624204437 finished Mon Jun 24