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18 avr. 2015 Dans ce guide, retrouvez tous les composants echangeables au Wyporium, ainsi que les quetes qui permettent de les debloquer. les composants obtenus sur certains monstres contre des equivalences de betes qui ne sont pas chassables dans MH4U et ainsi vous fabriquer leurs sets d'armures.
26 May 2015 G-rank is the name of the highest difficulty in MH4U but there's little information out there on how it actually works. Or well, all the (Source: ) Scroll 2: Dark Domination – Akantor
looool, I used to use an Akantor bow in freedom 2, was pretty op, before they nerfed it into the ground ayyy. I'm sorry for your loss. Login to comment · Permalink. 1. Bad Plays (NA). - Deleted - 3 years ago. Comment is below threshold (show). It's mainly about picking the right kind of charge shot and using
A wyvern shrouded in mystery and known by many names -- "the black god" to some, "the tyrant of fire" to others, but usually called "Akantor" by the Guild. Its giant spines and tusks make for a fearsome sight in the volcanic areas it frequents. HP. Base HP, 6,000 HP. Limping. High, 10%. Capture. Enraged. Duration, 100.
Ok, I've see so many people asking about how to kill Akantor. So I decided to make a quick guide. Nothing much really, just want to help. Akantor: Wyvern A wyvern truly shrouded in mystery. Known to some as the black god and to others as the tyrant of fire, this large and brutal creature is known to the
Divers points du terrain seront brulants, et vous retireront graduellement votre vie si vous n'avez pas le talent felyne protecteur ou Chaleur. L'Akantor est resistant face aux statuts anormaux, il faudra insister pour reussir a l'empoisonner, paralyser, l'endormir ou l'etourdir. Il est en revanche tres
So here is my situation. I've mainly been putting all my time in single player so far. I'm 82 hours in and I'm at Caravan 9*. I decided I wanted
Akantor Discussion Akantor is a Flying Wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom 2.
23 Mar 2015
His def down cancel out both the drug/food def boost and the seed. better aim for the Defender skill in kitchen instead if you need that extra def. Moxie also helps, as he doesn't kill you at low health but rather at high health here is his link for damage chart