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Whittling a Three-Link Chain. An Olde Tyme Materials and Supplies . . One of the most interesting of the old time whittling projects is the making of a chain. is not considered a piece of fine wood sculpture, none-the-less it does show.
How to whittle a chain out of a piece of wood with just a knife and a block of wood. How-to Kuksa Carving (for lazy carvers) Hand Carved Bowl Tutorial . Whittling is a traditional technique for making one-of-a-kind objects. carved linked
Introduction: Three Ways to Make a Wooden Chain. Making a wooden chain is a classic wood carving project. Step 1: Chain #1: Five Links From Basswood. Step 2: Wood Blank. Step 3: Template. Step 4: Trim Template. Step 5: Trace Template Onto Wood Blank. Step 6: Roughing Out. Step 7: Rough Chain Shape.
3 Apr 2014 I've been working on this carving off and on (mostly off, to be honest) since last December. I had wanted to carve a wooden chain pretty much
Making a wooden chain is a classic wood carving project. Chris Pye's Woodcarving Course & Reference Manual: A Beginner's Guide to Traditional
15 Sep 2012
Free wood carving, pyrography, and craft step by step projects and line art patterns by Lora S. Irish, author of Wildlife in Relief Wood Carving.
In order to better comprehend the simple steps involved when making wood chains, it is inevitable that you get some pictorial presentations or even a video
Steps. Start with a piece of wood that's relatively square and is already as long as the chain that you wish to carve. Cut a notch into the length of the wood on each corner of the wood so that the wood's profile becomes a cross instead of a square.