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21 Jul 2015
21 Jul 2016 Xperia Z3. Does the camera of the Z3 have manual exposure time / shutter speed options (20-30 seconds exposure) and if not, is it possible via 3rd party apps, such as Camera FV-5 etc? I mean, the shutter speed etc are not fixed, they can be altered via 3rd party apps.
11 Sep 2015 This means that apart from RAW support, the Xperia Z5 will support manual camera settings for focus, white balance, ISO and shutter speed. So it's good news that Sony . I just got an email from Sony saying my Xperia Z1 has a new update saying this exactly:There is a software update (v. 14.5.A.0.270)
15 Jan 2010
1 Nov 2013 Superior Auto mode automatically maximises the contribution of each of Xperia Z1's camera elements; configured to detect 36 different scene types, and it Superior Auto provides a stable “night landscape” after recognising conditions, and setting a slower shutter speed for better reproduction of color with
8 Feb 2015 Hello. Why can not I manually set the exposure time? I need to set the shutter speed "1 second". ISO is set, why not adjust the exposure?
Already got Camera FV-5 but didn't think was that great, was saying I couldn't change ISO on my phone this other one you suggested "a better camera" looks VERY good though! Just trying it now! Have yet to see a 3rd party app that supports manual iso control on the Z1 :/ Guess Sony restricted access to
If you want to see some of Herman's impressive work on the Xperia Z1 then check Full manual control (exposure/focus) would've been awesome, especially with lowest shutter speed) at full resolution (makes me wonder why Sony can't). The shutter speed range will vary with devices, but a range from 1/2000" to 4" will be
9 Nov 2014 Another unfortunate decision from Sony is that they won't allow manually setting the shutter speed, not even within their shutter speed boundaries. There is If you set the Xperia Z1's ISO to 50 for example, which the lowest possible for this device, it may result in very dark or even black images indoors.
This setting, which is only available in Manual capturing mode, adjusts the colour balance according to the lighting conditions. It also allows you to adjust the exposure manually in the -2.0 EV to +2.0 EV range. For example, you can increase the image brightness or decrease the overall exposure by tapping the plus or