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31 Oct 2007
Mass Effect 3 - Seth Green Interview News Comments. I just have to say, all the fans that are asking me questions right now, who are like,
19 Oct 2007 Mass Effect: Q&A with Seth Green RPG epic, Mass Effect, Seth Green (Austin Powers, Without a Paddle) is one of the best known. Seth Green: I got asked. SG: No, voice-over is great just because you really build it.
15 Mar 2012 The voice cast of Mass Effect 3 is enormous, and ranges from the famous — like Seth Green, Martin Sheen, and Freddie Prinze Jr — to the utterly .. Also, there are big name VAs that are more than happy to give advice.
22 Jul 2011 Seth Green is involved in so many geek-favorite franchises it's almost hard to count: He's on the cast of Family Guy, writes and produces Robot
Seth Green on Mass Effect - page 2 at GameSpy - Read all of GameSpy's great interviews for Xbox 360 here. We used to have to travel half-an-hour to and from the recording studio, which just kills your schedule. GameSpy: So did you do
18 Oct 2007 You may already know Seth Green from the "Austin Powers" movies or TV's a video game to the list of things he's known for -- namely "Mass Effect." and "Jade Empire," has Green voicing a pilot named Joker who guides
18 Oct 2007
17 Feb 2008