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Scan My Photos is the industry experts in scanning physical media and converting it into a digital form. We use the best scanning practices and equipment.
Scans beyond the package purchased will be billed at $0.30 each or the next package price whichever is less. All photos must be grouped by size unless you have upgraded to "Scan in Order" on the enhancements option. Please follow packing instructions link in your confirmation email. Additional fees apply for photos in
ScanDigital Process. 1.1 – Why choose ScanDigital? 1.2 – I am worried about shipping my photos, is the process safe? 1.3 – Why not scan my pictures myself? . As part of our scanning process we will remove the slides from their packaging and guarantee they will be returned in the same order as they were received.
Important Packing Instructions. You may ship us your slides in carousels, slide boxes, or sleeves, unless you purchase the Prepaid Slide Scanning box which requires you to fit your slides within the box shipped to you. If your slides are loose, we recommend grouping them in batches of around 50 slides and securing with
To get your photos ready for camera-ready high-resolution digital scans, please follow these instructions: This service is for photo scanning only. used box; DO NOT use a box not intended for shipping such as a shoebox; DO NOT use packing popcorn, it breaks apart during shipping and statically sticks to the photos.
Epson Perfection V200 Photo - 1. Scanner Parts. Scanner Specifications. General. Mechanical a c b b a c e d c a b. P Power/. ] Start button a Scan to PDF button. Status light. { Copy button. | Scan to E-mail button. Removable. Document mat. Document table. Carriage. DC inlet. USB interface connector. USB interface.
15 Feb 2012
about $200 for a high quality scanner like the EPSON 4490 • about $1500 for a high Q9: My pictures are in albums, can ScanCafe scan the album pages without removing the individual pictures? .. The gift box must be packed in accordance with ScanCafe packaging instructions in order to be covered by our guarantee.
Photo, Slides & Negatives Packing Tips. Preparing and organizing your Photo Prints for shipment to FotoBridge is simple and straight forward. Gather and organize photos into groups of 100 to 200 photos. Generally, a stack of 100 photo prints will be about one inch high. If possible
You can send in any size photo that meets the requirements however ALL photos sent to be scanned must be grouped by size. Packing the Box. Stuff your box well and don't be afraid of tape to ensure your box remains sealed. Use newspaper or other packing materials to make sure your box is completely full and solid.