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used motor vehicles. Si el concesionario gestiona la venta en espanol, pidale una copia de la Guia del Comprador en espanol. SERVICE CONTRACT. IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (VIN). IMPORTANT: Spoken promises are difficult to enforce. Ask the dealer to put all promises in writing. Keep this form. BUYERS GUIDE
Stay in compliance with FTC Regulations at your Dealership with Used Car Buyers Guide Forms. Great American offers "As Is", "Implied Warranties" and more!
Buyers guide forms are an important part of the buying process, and a legal necessity in many states. Find the best in car dealer supplies right here.
13 Jan 2017 Two forms. The new Buyers Guide provides a choice of two forms to be used by the dealer. One form provides for the sale of the vehicle “as is,” while the other states “implied warranties only.” The “implied warranties only” form is designed for use in states where implied warranties apply to a used car sale
Estampe Auto Dealer Supplies: Multi-part As Is FTC Used Car Buyers Guide Forms - largest selection with genuine online savings.
This is the most popular FTC Used Car Buyers Guide Form car window sticker used today - approved in 40 states. This 2- part FTC Used Car Buyers Guide is available in quantities of 100 and up.
US Auto Supplies provides a wide range of window sticker buyers guide forms in both laser buyer guide format and traditional top and bottom tape strip for your used car buyers guide needs. These FTC buyers guide forms,along with auto dealer addendum labels and warranty disclaimer forms, help your dealership to
USED CAR BUYERS GUIDE AS-IS OR WARRANTY FORMS Buyers guide forms come in 2-part carbon and are printed using heavy black pigmented ink to reduce fading. The back of the form has an area for a signature of the buyer acknowledging receipt of their copy. The front of the form has two adhesive strips to allow
On November 10, 2016, the FTC issued significant changes to the used car Buyers Guides based on input from the industry, including Wholesale Forms. These changes took effect on January 27, 2017. All our Buyers Guides meet the new FTC Buyers Guide requirements. (Dealers can use their existing stock for up to one