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During the experiments, the flasks of algal cultures outdoors were manually shaken 6–7 times a day to avoid sticking. The cellular morphology was observed under a microscope (37XB, Shanghai, China). . In contrast, the cells of the treatments with CM had a lower astaxanthin content as observed with a microscope.
2 -. Product Details. I. Trinocular Biological microscope BM-44X3 . X. Inverted biological microscope BM-37XB . . 9, Manual: 1 share. 10, Packing list: 1 share. 11, Certificate: 1 share. Optional accessories: 20X, 60X Fat objectives, Eyepiece: 10X/23, Eyepiece with a ruler 0.1mm,. Dark viewing field device, Phase contrast
If you buy a used microscope, it probably won't be supplied with an instruction manual, and most manufacturers don't keep copies of manuals for discontinued microscopes. Fortunately, there are several websites where enthusiasts have collected PDFs of manuals that you can download. There are also some catalogues to
1 Jul 2015 According to the manufacturer's instructions for the CCK-8 assay, the three groups of MCF-7 cells, including the Con-B group (blank control group), and 48 h post-incubation, the cells were fixed with formaldehyde, stained and counted under a microscope (37XB; Zhonghen Instrument, Co., Ltd., Shanghai,
15 Nov 2015 In this study, a simple gold nanoparticle (GNP)-based colorimetric assay has been developed for studying the relationship between cell cycle and ?-amyloid pept.
5 Jul 2016 The aims of the present study were to investigate the immunoprotection of recombinant Echinococcus granulosus myophilin (rEg.myophilin) against the establishment of a challenge oral infection with E. granulosus eggs, as well as to determine the mechanisms underlying this protection. Sheep were
WARNING – RISK OF FIRE. Do not charge rechargeable LED microscopes for more than 2 hours. •. Do not dismantle any parts of the microscope, except where noted in the instruction manual. Dismantling the microscope will void the warranty. •. In case of a problem with the microscope, call toll free on
China Inverted Biological Microscope (BM-37XB), Find details about China Microscope, Biological Microscope from Inverted Biological Microscope (BM-37XB) - U-Therm International (H. K. ) Limited.
1 Feb 2017 At each time point, cells were photographed from three random microscopic fields using an inverted light microscope (BM-37XB, BM, China). The number of branch points in ECs lines (nodes), mesh-like circles (circles) and tube-like parallel cell lines (tubes) were manually counted following the instructions