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10 Jan 2016 This guide covers the Upper Floors, Floor 16 to 22, and includes Story's tips. In order to enter the Dreadspire Upper Floors, you will need a Ticket from the Hrathgol from Manaya's Core (Hard) will spawn after Montori's
Amazing video that i was shown when i was learning MC and it just helps so much with the queen ^.^ its short and to the point i loved it hope it helps you all out!
1 Feb 2014 The Argon Queen: Manaya's Core Guide It's also worth mentioning that the teleportals have a collision box that only applies to you and not
5 Dec 2016 This guide will cover what tier gear to aim for, where they are found, and what Another alternate is doing Manaya's Core for the Level 60 gear set. The Idoneal Armor Box also comes with a Complete Crystalbind and [4]
28 Jan 2013
In this guide I'll cover several key elements that your group needs to .. you are using a PvP chest to run queen, you are probably dead though.
29 Apr 2013 Manaya's Core Shandra Manaya Dungeon Guide If you look at the queens hp box at the top right the debuff that has 2 stacks is her buff that
23 Jul 2013 Thank you so much to write me an entire guide to her! Luckily manaya has a huge hit box so getting back crits is not that difficult unless you
I thought I should share this guide with you all. It's for those who have already ran Manaya's Core at least once for a minimal understanding of