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For example, Khameleon Universal's neutral tone provides automotive service centers and commercial sites the option of either completely flushing a system, or partially refilling radiators as needed, without changing or wasting usable antifreeze or coolant products. The fluids retain color purity and mix well without
Saiettidtieee eaeaeteee etitteeae tieeiaat. No mess. No fuss. No Confusion. No Hassles. Safety-Kleen's Khameleon antifreeZe and coolant, available in HD and Universal formulations, is 50/50 pre-diluted an and light~duty trucks, regardless of make, model, year or original antifreeze color. Khameleon HD is also formulated
These requirements are usually spelled out in the vehicle owners manual, and/or a decal or label on the coolant reservoir. It is important to always use OAT-based coolants are usually (but not always) dyed a different color to distinguish them from traditional North American green antifreeze. GM OAT-based Dex-Cool is
Complete a sample request on our Order Valspar Color Samples page to order with an existing coatings product code. Want a custom color? We'd be happy to help color-shifts using our Prismatic pigments. Fluropon Effects Kameleon is available in our coil and extrusion coating line, listed under Pearlescent/Effect family.
SAFETY-KLEEN KHAMELEON ANTIFREEZE. MATERIAL SYNONYMS: Ethylene Glycol Based Antifreeze, Precharged, Fully-formulated. Extended Life Coolant (50/50) with Dye ("G-05" type coolant). PRODUCT CODE: 6538, 1914 Clear liquid with a mild odor (may contain dye in one of several colors). WARNING!
But bottom line, I can't see the reasoning for having a "specific" antifreeze if you change it regularly anyhow, at least every 2-3 years. But no, never have heard of Safety Kleen Khameleon Antifreeze..I do know Safety Kleen is one of those "recyclers" who typically pick up old/used antifreeze and/or oil from
21 Jul 2010 Note that color is NOT a reliable guide to which type of antifreeze. It's simply dye, and different antifreeze manufacturers use different color schemes. This chart from Zerex indicates HOAT for Toyota and other Asian cars through 1995, then OAT from 1996 on. OAT (Dex-Cool) antifreeze is a little fussy in that
The Antifreeze that matches with any vehicle. No mess. No fuss. No confusion. No Hassles. Safety-Kleen's Perfomance Plus antifreeze & coolant is available in HD and Universal formulations. Designed for compatibility regardless of make, model, year or original antifreeze color.
26 Mar 2014 I went to the shop to tell them but they assured me that the coolant they use is suitable for my car since it's a "Khameleon" coolant that adapts to any type of car. After they told Look at the color of engine oil and transmission I personally use the AMSOIL Propylene Glycol Antifreeze and Engine Coolant.