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4 Nov 2017 Base Level: 99. Job Level: 50 (70 strongly recommended, will never recover lost skill points otherwise). Job Class: Monk or Champion · Item(s) (Consumed):, 1 Magical Stone (if Non-VIP). Hunting: 100 Desert Wolf. Rewards. Item(s):, Blazing Soul [1] Green Apple Ring. Quest Reward(s):, Job Change to Sura
20 Sep 2017 You want to go solo and be a combo Sura, and this is the guide for you to do it. It will focus on helping Then you can increase STR and AGI based on how you feel about your build. IMPORTANT: Pick up the kill Wraiths and Evil Druids quest from the level 71-85 board, but do NOT turn it in. Level 70:
7 Feb 2012
Totalidade's Sura Guide - The Various Ways of Me Punching Your Face - posted in Acolyte Class: Totalidades Sura Guide The Various Ways of Me Punching Your Face Introduction Sura is a very powerful class. Some of you already know that. They are focused on WoE and PvP scenarios, using their skills
i am prolly a snap champ (no vit/agi), and about that survival room for job change, there are many ways to survive that, maybe you can lure other monsters to one side and snap it out to the other side for the escape, or i dont know if it will work, try using hiding accessory..and if ever you want to kill a monster, just prepare for a
In order to obtain even greater power, one must set aside their humanity, and become a Ghost; this is the principle of being a Sura. In order to become an absolute martial artist, one must forget their weakness; weakness of being merciful to their enemies. By walking the lone path, they further increase their prowess, and by
21 Nov 2010 Sura's job change guide is in my opinion, is one of the easiest renewal job change quest. Basic requirement is you have to be base level 99 but I'm still not sure what is the minimum job level requirement to be a renewal class. My Assassin cross and Champion was job 69 when I changed to Renewal class.
The Sura Job Change quest is fairly simple and very short. Applicants must: Kill 100 Desert Wolves; Survive a room filled with Monsters for 5 minutes. See Sura Job Change Guide for detailed information.
1 Jun 2015 Sura Job Change Guide - posted in Acolyte Class: Originally Posted by: Harley SURA JOB CHANGE GUIDE 1. In Veins, go into the Pub (veins 148, 220) and talk to Sludge Worm (ve_in 241, 128). 2. He and a waitress get into an argument, and an unknown fighter breaks it up. 3. Go back outside and up the
There are only a few steps to job change into a sura but the most challenging part is killing those 100 Desert Wolves which is not outside the entrance of the.