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Dymondia margaretae is named in memory of Miss Margaret E. Dryden-Dymond, the first collector who obtained plant material from the Bredasdorp District on a Kirstenbosch expedition in 1933. She was a It is a valuable plant in coastal gardens, helping to limit wind erosion in bare patches and retain soil on slopes.
DYMONDIA margaretae water-conservative; Never overwater, or you may cause root problems; Mulches help reduce water evaporation in hot or dry weather; In dry climates, form a soil "ring" around plants to hold water longer Mix as directed on container according to directions; Wet the leaves and drench soil; Repeat.
5 Mar 2014 One drawback worth The plastic should form a tight seal against the soil - any air gaps will create a thermal buffer zone before the soil. Having it tight will also keep the plastic
I feel I'll have to reduce the spacing to 6" due to the probable infiltration of weeds. I am keeping the soil moist to hopefully speed up the spread of the plant. I love the looks of the plant as a groundcover and hope it takes hold. It is not a "cheap" ground cover running from $17.50 for an incomplete flat to $25.00 ea. for two
29 Jan 2017 Dymondia (Dymondia margaretae), also known as silver carpet, is worth considering if you live in a warm climate – using dymondia as a grass substitute Dymondia performs best in sandy, well-drained soil, and is easy to establish by planting flats, which are divided into small pieces and planted about 12
Creeping Phlox Planting Instructions: Tips For Growing Creeping Phlox By Bonnie L. Grant Image Find Silver Carpet (Dymondia margaretae) in Oklahoma City Edmond Norman Moore Oklahoma OK at TLC Garden Centers .. It is a drought tolerant trailing perennial herb that forms low mats up to 30 inches across.
23 May 2015 Dymondia Margaretae is a slowly spreading , very flat groundcover with 1 to 2 inch narrow leaves that are gray-green on top with white beneath. Though flat to the ground the white undersides are exposed to view as the leaf margins edges roll up and inward when grown dry, giving the apppearance of
Makes a beautiful grassy meadow or gives mossy Oriental effect in areas impossible to mow. The farther inland, the longer the dormant season. 2. Dymondia margaretae – Dymondia. Dymondia is a ground-hugging South African peren- nial. It is an ideal plant between stepping stones and paving blocks because it forms
29 May 2011 Removing the 2-inch plugs of dymondia from the 6-pack, I was impressed by the fleshy roots on these small plants. It's easy to see how they will form a sturdy root system capable of sustaining the plant in times of drought. 110528_dymondia_margaretae_02. Dymondia margaretae plug from 6-pack. The soil
23 Jan 2013 Do you have any suggestions for drought-tolerant, kid-friendly ground cover? We've read that dymondia works well to fill in space between pavers but haven't found any talk of how well this plant works as a grass substitute, spread across a yard. Can our kids walk barefoot? Will the dymondia attract bees?