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9 Oct 2016 First Earth Battalion Manual. by Jim Channon. Topics Hippy, Military, New Age, Mental, Self-Help, Jim Channon, Jedi Mind Tricks, old.

The First Earth Battalion: Dare to Think the Unthinkable, Ideas and Ideals for All these ideas were first represented by Earth Battalion thinkers and the manual you have. . Many of the Earth Battalion ideas are taken from the New Age.
First Earth Battalion Operations Manual: Reprint of Original Manual from the 70's [Jim Channon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.
C!) A new perspective on the use of force A . . use of international by the warriors of the First Earth Battalion are This manual serves as a handbook for the.
THE FIRST EARTH BATTALION. @ New approach es to personal development in harmony with planetary evolution. (!)The technology "that works" to create
“Armies can be both the instruments of destruction and the guardians of humanity's evolution. The warrior monk's role is to protect the possible and to nurture the
Evolutionary Tactics is the First Earth Battalion's Field Manual. As seen in the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats, the manual was created by Jim Channon for
10 Jun 2012 This New Earth Army Field Manual contains the original "Evolutionary Tactics" First Earth Battalion Field Manual, portrayed in the Hollywood
The First Earth Battalion was the name proposed by Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon, a U.S. soldier who had served in Vietnam, for his idea of a new military of supersoldiers to be organized along New Age the Human Potential Movement, and subsequently wrote an operations manual for a First Earth Battalion.