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Installation Guide. The LearningStation Response Client allows customers to leverage the latest clicker technology with our award winning assessment for learning application. Deliver . If the icon does not reappear then restart the Device Manager from the Start Menu: Start->All Programs->eInstruction->Device Manager.
Input the clicker number. Click SEND. Click on SEND one last time. (Total of three sends). The clicker will power off and then come back on reprogrammed. CPS for PowerPoint? In CPS for PowerPoint. Cover the words [Option 1] with the graphic so that you can still see the letter. The engage button will appear when
NOTE: If Channel does not appear on the screen, repeat steps #2 and #3 until it does. 4. **Channel: Enter the NEW two-digit channel number. 5. Push . 6. **Clicker #: Enter the pad number found on the front of the response pad. 7. Push . NOTE: If the channel and clicker # are already correct, you do not have to enter them
11 Mar 2013 what if powering down message will not go away? Loading Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Categories. Content Resources31 · Virtual Learning Resources6 · Digital Citizenship16 · Digital Heroism5 · Digital Tools143 · Assessment Tools Series10 · Creativity Tools Series19 · Curation Tools Series16.
The first is your current CpS (I base mine off an import to Riimu to also calculate the autoclicker). The second is the CpS from your Reset Target (mine is 45,693,056,167,777 as seen in the picture). The third is your Reset Target's multiplier which will be based on your milk % (mine is 10,226). The fourth is
30 Jun 2011
Clickers that are located near each other must be on different channels in order to avoid interference. If the CPS you are using has the same channel as another system in your building, you may need to change the channel on both the clickers and the reciever. You can change the channel to the last two digits of the room
Re-Numbering CPS Radio Frequency (RF) Clickers & Changing Channel Frequency. Press any button on the CPS RF response pad to turn it on. Simultaneously, press the 2 black arrows at the top of the response pad face. Press the + - key on the bottom left of the pad face. On the LCD screen you should see the word
Install CPS. • Navigate the buttons on the CPS clicker. • Create, name, and save a new CPS database. • Navigate the CPS window. • Detect the CPS receiver. • Create a class roster by following steps in the class wizard. • Enter student demographic information into a class roster manually. • Edit class and student information
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